Purpose and Vision Name 

This organization is known as Women’s Ministries of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.


All women who desire membership in Women’s Ministries (WM) and who participate in any of its programs or activities are considered members.

Strategic Goals 

Women’s Ministries seeks to help each woman and local ministry group in:   
  1. Strengthening relationships with GodDeveloping godly character    
  2. Forming homes reflecting biblical principles    
  3. Enhancing inter-personal relationships through fellowship    
  4. Serving the local church and community    
  5. Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ    
  6. Promoting and involving women in missions outreach    
  7. Developing a mentoring programSupporting and promoting Girls’ Ministries  

Statement of Mission 

Women’s Ministries exists to equip, train, and sustain women by: 
  1. Facilitating the networking of women and their respective ministries    
  2. Enabling women to join hands across denominational, organizational, generational, ethnic and cultural diversity     Encouraging prayer and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with a global evangelistic influence    
  3. Reshaping lives and building positive relationships 


“Today’s Woman Touching Tomorrow’s World” 


Purple for royalty – We are the King’s daughters;
White for purity – We glorify the King by keeping ourselves pure.